Our Mission

SEDVentures is an investment and advisory company with representation in Ireland, Germany and Turkey and Malaysia. We focus on unique opportunities that match our own expertise, and support viable projects with our in-house development team.

Core Goals

  1. Establish an attractive, diversified investment product for it’s investors and shareholders
  2. Explore, evaluate and launch viable, innovative products and services and establish brands
  3. Contribute to the local economy with the creation of new jobs, and potentially new industries

Community Projects

In the future, SEDVentures is planning to fund a number of projects to help advance the local community in countries in which SEDV operates. Such projects may include

  • Free classes to develop new skills, learn new languages, and further job prospects
  • Enterpreneurship courses with the potential to obtain funding from SEDVentures
  • Charitable projects to tackle social issues both locally and in neighboring countries

Work at SEDVentures

An experience like no other.

One of SEDVentures core goals is the creation of new jobs, either internally or trough our portfolio projects. With our diverse set of challenges, we are looking for talented candidates in many industries.

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