// Full-Stack Python Developer - Flask

We’re looking for a Python developer with significant experience with Flask.


  • Good communication skills (Must).
  • Strong programming skills in a web environment (Linux)
  • Experience with version management
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills

What you’ll be working on:

We’re developing a new Real Estate CRM (Customer Management System) based on Flask (Eve)

1) Frontend

  • Write clean, modular code with Bulma CSS framework
  • Integrate with the backend using Vue.js
  • Manage development and release cycle (development, testing, build, release)
  • Ensure stability and security!

Required: HTML5, CSS3, JS (Vue.js), git

2) Backend

  • Implement a powerful, secure, modular backend using Eve and Flask
  • Work on a secure REST framework, powered by MongoDB

Required: Python 3, Flask, MongoDB, REST

Do you have what it takes, to develop the next big thing in real estate? Apply now.

Full-Stack Python Developer - Flask

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