Paramount Student

Connecting students and universities worldwide


Paramount Student is looking to streamline the international student’s application process to their dream university, and works in target markets to fill the need for accommodation, events and overall, a more vibrant and satisfying experience in a foreign country and culture, particularly for students that travel abroad for the first time.

The Paramount Student project presentation is the best place to start to learn more about the project.

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Paramount Student

Khalid Boulhala, the founder of Paramount Student, has build a motivated, knowledgeable team to see his vision come to fruition. With their base in Istanbul, Turkey, Paramount Student is welcoming an international crowd of students and positions itself for future growth in, and out of the region.


Paramount Student builds on PantherX Central Management and will, in close collaboration with our team at SEDV, develop modules to empower students and universities on a global scale.

  • Authenticated sign up from all around the world
  • Verified student identity
  • Direct enrollment to one or multiple universities or courses
  • University back-end to track and qualify applicants

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